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Why You Should Intern At A Startup

At some point, every company was a startup. The difference today, though, is that the word startup means more than a company just starting. The starts-ups tend to work differently, from the hierarchy and company culture to the individual responsibilities that are given out to each team member.

Internships from startups are there to help you learn new things. The experience that you absorb when you are an intern at a startup is very different from what you would be getting from a more established global brand. Fortunately for you, startups constantly look for interns from across the globe.

Despite what an immediately recognizable national company can offer your CV, completing your internship at a startup can be very beneficial for your career.

At a startup, you are right where the heart of the company is; you are more exposed to the decision making and the high-level debates. You will have the chance to step up and use whatever skills you can to put in your bit of contribution to the mission of the company.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Your Internship At A Startup?


Becoming an intern means you need to be ready to work. The interns are not just there to make up company numbers. Unlike the larger corporations, interns of startups are hired to work directly at the startup's original location and respond to the current gaps within the workforce with the specific tasks and projects to get hands-on with from the start. You will be hired on what skills you can bring to the team, but you will only be expected to contribute your part as far as your skills will take you. Don't think you will be taken less seriously just because you are an intern. Your opinions and ideas are always welcome and valued in brainstorming, whether you are an intern or a fulltime worker. In the current climate of 2020, remote internship offers are blooming more than ever, and it is your responsibility to stay ahead of the curve by making sure you have the right tools equipped to facilitate the best over the internet connection with your co-workers and boss.


As a result of your responsibilities and to the extent of the collaboration across the teams, you will be very visible as an intern at the startup. With the larger companies, it isn’t hard for you to end up disappearing into the work, which sees you only interacting with the people that are responsible for you and a few other staff members.Being at a startup, you can expect to make the most that you can out of an opportunity to grow with those you work with and for, which will consequently find you learning remarkable skills to work under pressure with many uncertainties. Your internship experiences are mostly judged on what accomplishments and wisdom you can get out of it, which is a wonderful thing.

By following under the guidance of a more experienced member of the team, interns can work more closely with senior staff and consequently train and be trained as well. This allows for the chance for you to learn more, grow a network more successfully, and make a better impression.

The Culture

The startups are renowned for simply having a focus on enjoying work. The household name Google, where many dream of being employed with began as a garage startup in Silicon Valley and started developing its world-known culture from there. Beyond the opportunity to achieve a dream experience, as an intern working at a startup, you get to take part in fun activities and social events. The staff at startups are more passionate about their work, and you will find they are more motivated to reach their goals. Being an intern in this type of environment is very inspiring and helps to motivate you for the future of your dream.

It would seem that startups are the way to go. Just try one and see what it can offer you.

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