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How to Quickly Find and Hire a Nanny

We all know the kids that would love nanny and poppy to babysit but they can’t do it each and every time and that is where having a babysitter or a live in nanny on hand is a good consideration for your children’s benefit. We used to find nanny’s by having a look at the newspaper however now we have applications and yes there is even apps to help you find and hire a full time nanny. are you searching for a full time live in nanny? Maybe you want a nanny for one day a week it doesn’t matter. There are apps that can help you with the hard thing of finding a reliable babysitter. Ensure you do your research and find the babysitter that will suit your family the best. They are there to look after your children, so you want to ensure you find the best fit. During the holiday season you are going to need more babysitting when trying to juggle your work and the kids, during work trips or vacation time for you and your partner you may need someone to step in for long passages of time to look after your children.

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Here are a few apps that can help you find a nanny fast:


This is a new app that can help you to find a babysitter or even just someone to drive your children to and from school. All the nannies have previous childcare experience and have passed several background checks. This application allows for you to rely on the nannies it recommends for you and gives you a calm feeling knowing you can hold this app responsible if there are any issues.


This app will search your local area to find a top-rated babysitter and show you recommendations from others using the service. You will receive a response within 15 minutes. The site is free and if you are living in major metropolitan areas you can search babysitters that have different cost options (payment summary, how many days’ notice, etc).

This service will bring together a perfect match for parents and sitters. This is an app that helps you to search through dozens of profiles and send messages fast and easy. It has been running since 2007 and is very well trusted by parents and the potential nannies. There is a small fee involved and you can cancel your account shall it not suit your needs. Here we also have sittercity which is much like it has been working since 2001 and they are located in many different towns. This lets you view sitters and leave a review and even request background checks, vehicle registration and if the candidate has undergone any pre employment training program or any employability skills training that is both registered and available. Do keep in mind there are some things that can be excluded from being put on your record.


Don’t have kids? That’s fine maybe you need a nanny to help with laundry, cleaning, shopping and groceries. This app will connect you with the local people who can help you get the things done that need doing. Even if you need someone to repair something there are people available for that to.

Sometimes the process after selecting a nanny can be quite stressful, not knowing of what to ask or how to approach the situation. This can all be very daunting, just remember that it is for the best and you are aiming to fill a vital position in your children’s lives with the best candidate.

Ensure that when you are organising a babysitter here are a few questions to ask:

Previous childcare experience what did you like about it and didn’t like

Why are you wanting to work with kids?

What do you like doing with the kids?

Do you smoke

Any allergies

Do you have certifications in first aid and CPR?

Do you have reliable transportation? Is there proof of safe driving record?

Can you adhere to meal and nap routine times?

What kind of discipline techniques do you use that are effective?

If you have been criticized how did you deal with it?

Can you prioritize tasks and manage time well?

The hard part of finding a babysitter is now no longer a struggle with the many apps avail you can find a babysitter fast and at short notice. Sometimes word of mouth might be a better option, maybe a friend suggests a friend of theirs for baby sitting or your younger cousin is looking for extra work, these are both great options too. Just know that you have these apps and websites available for when searching gets tough.

So, there you have it. All of the quick ways to find and hire a nanny quickly, but also making sure it is the best professional fit for you, your family and the nanny.