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How to increase focus at work.

The greatest impacts on your success in the future is your ability to stay focused and concentrate on a job until you have finished it. Most of the billionaires and millionaires are known to have mastered this one skill of focusing on a single task until it has been completed before moving on to another task. Your brain and mind are filled with a lot of things that distract you and it can be difficult to keep your mind focused on objects. But it is not impossible to achieve and this particular skill has got many people to achieve great things and reach new heights in their life. 

Achieving focus however is easier said than done! Some people naturally find it easy to focus, whilst others are very easily distracted. There are simple things you can do such as arrange your work desk to be comfortable with a comfortable chair with back support, and make it aesthetically pleasing with colours and furniture that promote focus. Focus is also a mental thing, so doing things that help with your mental health such as online spin classes and meditation can support you in remaining focused.

Here are some other tips and hacks that can help you stay focused:


Doing exercise is one of the most important things that one can do for the brain and for the overall body. One does not need to spend hours working out or join an expensive gym. Exercise can include a virtual yoga class or a simple 20-minute cardio or body weight exercises, these will all do good for the body. Exercise on a daily basis can spark your brain and helps to boost the focus. Other activities that you can try instead of doing exercises to boost your focus and keep your body healthy might be cycling, or swimming, as these activities really clear your mind.

Have more good fats in your diet

Your brains need a good amount of good fat in order to function properly, in fact the human brain is roughly made up of 60% of fat! One way to improve your focus is to eat foods that have a lot of good fats in them. The amount of fat can vary according to the diet, but general at least 30 grams in your diet in a day is good. Nuts, eggs, avocados are great foods that you can have every day to increase your fat intake and increase the focus of the brain and also helps it function smoothly.

Writing down tasks that are critical

Another good method to keep you focused is to write down a task list of all the things that you have to accomplish. These could be a list for the day, and then broken down into hours by taking a look at how much time it takes to complete a task. With the writing out of your tasks, you will know which task to give the priority and it also helps you to stay focused as you will have a time period for doing each job.

Eliminate distractions

It’s important that you try to eliminate all things that distract you. This means all things that take your mind to a different place, such as attractive artwork and uncomfortable chairs. Get the best ergonomic chair you can afford and update the walls with inspiring imagery. In terms of technology, if your phone or computer or other electronics tend to buzz with notifications there’s a high chance that you will get distracted. You must cancel and stop all of those notifications and keep your phone in aeroplane mode to remain focused. Disable all of the notifications in your computer and other devices, and set up any technology chats etc that inform your co-workers that you are busy and not to be disturbed. All these steps help you stay focused and remove all distractions so that you can do your jobs and events efficiently.

These are some of the ways that you can stay focused. Keep in mind that focus is not an easy task and also remember that it’s something that will take practice. Give it some time and it surely will happen. There are massive distractions that we are challenged with each day, so one must consciously make an effort to stay focused and remove all distractions by doing these small things in your life. If you learn to master the art of focusing your brain, then you will be one of the most efficient people and will help you significantly in life.

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