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How To Get A Job At A Luxury Hotel

Only hotels who had earned a grade of 4 or 5 are considered luxurious, provided they are able to sustain this type of service and evaluation. Understating that gives you an idea of how high expectations they may have on their staff.

Landing a job in a luxury hotel may require a lot from its applicants. How do you conform to it and become one of the final candidates? When I looked for jobs in Hobart, I learned so much about the recruitment process - so I thought I’d share it with you here. I mean, I was looking at one of the best hotels in Hobart (Tasmania), so these standards are super high, but if you are curious - read on! 

Confidence and charm are some of the most crucial traits that any hotel worker should possess, both of which may be attained through training and, of course, experience. But how do you actually get the job in the first place? 

Here are some tips on how to land a job in a luxurious hotel:


Know this by heart and really think about what it means. And before you ask, YES, this includes your physical appearance. Your look reflects greatly what the hotel is all about. Make sure you have a clean uniform, a well-groomed appearance, confident stance and courteous manners as you introduce yourself at the interview, it matters a lot! Don’t take this for granted, because guests don’t usually remember every nice facility there is, nor your name. But they remember how you made them feel. 

Have a basic knowledge of the hotel you are applying for. This reflects how you will be in the future, once you get hired. It also helps when you review the bookings you are to expect on a particular day. If a guest comes in and you are able to confirm their accommodations in no time, it leaves a good impression when you say, “Welcome Mrs X, we’ve been expecting you. While we prepare your luggage to be sent to your room, let me offer you some refreshments.” Mrs X will be instantly relaxed because of such a welcoming treatment. And substantially, not only you but also the hotel will be recognized by Mrs X as great, truly accommodating and has a tendency to exceed her expectations.

So, from the time you passed your application, all the way to attending the final interview, exemplify good grooming and professionalism. But don’t be too uptight. Be presentable always and be willing to learn.


Though it’s proven that not only educated people excel in life, you’ve got an edge if you are knowledgeable about a lot of things. For example, if you can speak more than one dialect or language, or if you know a whole heap about wine. 

The ability to multitask and work gracefully under pressure are also great attributes. Any company that aims to provide good service sometimes have drills for an applicant to pass, where they are presented with desperate situations and are then evaluated on how they solve it. Acknowledging problems, applying interventions, solving problems, all while you maintain your poise and composure are things that get evaluated from the get-go. Patience is expected of you as you work through. Manners that you use in dealing with problems and your ability to create reactionary business builds your credibility as somebody worthy to represent the luxurious hotel. 


People check into hotel accommodations for one reason only - to relax. That’s why you need to expect the worst when they come in. Your duty is to make them and their family well-taken care of for the whole duration of their stay. Whether you work at the reception desk, concierge, kitchen or custodial, effective communication matters a lot. Do you provoke? Or do you pacify? Do you complicate things or are you able to make things light and easy? Any role that you take would require communicating skills. 


Great guest service means giving 100% - whichever task you are doing. When you know how to anticipate the needs of the guest beforehand, that’s a real advantage, and it makes you a great staff member. A personal touch is always welcome, but it has to be offered appropriately. In the kitchen, chefs pour creativity with their desserts. The cleaners spritz scents of lavender after tidying up the room. The receptionist? They offer activities within the hotel that a family could enjoy. These are examples of personal initiative in giving guest service. Every staff member is expected to work towards a common goal: to take care of the guest. To attain this, careful attention to detail and commitment to your duties are your best bets. 


Just like in any other job, integrity is important. The HR Department has professional personality critics that know how to extract this information from you through a simple interview. Your integrity will reflect the kind of person you are. Are you trustworthy? Will you be an asset to the team? How are you with commitments? These are the integral qualities that would suggest to them that you’re a person of integrity.

These are just the basic guidelines provided for you. To summarise this all: attitude, personality and wit are the keys to landing a job in the luxury hotel.

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