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How to create a spacious bathroom

Getting optimum functionality of your bathroom space can be a crossword puzzle and quite the task. It might not be expensive to have well-positioned windows or interior wall finishes that let in and reflect natural light, but the big style comes with creative solutions for bathroom floor spaces. The challenge with modern bathroom interior designs is integrating options of decor ideas. Every individual or homeowner has different specifications from the time the house was bought, rented through private real estate listings or occupied through other sources. Regardless of the way the house was found, every home occupant wants their home to be their haven, and having a bathroom that emits an opulent yet cosy vibe has become one of the many priorities. From golden shower taps for a luxurious feel to vanities for bathrooms that are over the top, many people want them to be a part of their dream home. Here are some simple tips to create a spacious bathroom.

vanities for bathrooms

Declutter Your Old Bathroom with Space-saving Ideas.

Apart from the bathtub or shower area, there can be more floor space in standard layouts of modern bathrooms. Instead of storing bath accessories and body care products on bathroom countertops, simply compartmentalise your storage space. Once you arrange your belongings into labelled boxes or compartments, you'll be surprised by how organised your bathroom now looks. An organised bathroom space calls for peaceful alone time in a bubble bath or even otherwise. Knowing that everything is organised and can be easily accessed can leave one with the satisfaction of a clean and tidy bathroom. Usually, smart home design experts recommend wall cabinets as ideal bathroom storage boxes. Most people notice the untidiness of any bathroom space with clusters of shampoos, soap boxes, shaving gel, facial cleansers, and other cosmetics. So, homeowners can de-clutter their bathrooms by using space-saving décor ideas like vanity units, feature wall shelves, and cabinets. These shelves can also be filled with small bath towels, potpourri and candles to enhance the luxe appeal of the bathroom. This not only ensures that your things are organised and decluttered but also emanates a fancy and rich vibe.

Think of Some Visual Appeal

It might be embarrassing when guests use your bathroom and the shower curtain is dirty. Instead of replacing old shower curtains every year, install (swing or sliding) frosted-glass shower doors. Like porcelain ceramic tiles, the reflection of light on glass materials adds brightness to an open-floor bathroom. This also ensures that the water doesn't splash out, making the tiles wet and untidy. The glass doors also make sure that the heat is trapped within during showers in the winter and give you a hotel-like feel in your own safe space.

More visual appeal can be added with the clever use of floating basin units. Usually, en-suite and master bathrooms with freestanding tubs often have some vertical space for other decor ideas. Both a wall-hung basin and well-designed tubs can make the bathroom space appear larger than normal. What inspires these décor ideas of bespoke bathroom fittings and fixtures is the ease of movement. Also, a spacious bathroom is an opportunity to have a small visual space that's outside the shower area. For most avid interior decor enthusiasts, it's rejuvenating to add some dramatic designs or decor ideas to the bathroom space. Having a theme-related design on your reflective bathroom walls would also be a good idea to add more of an aesthetic touch. You could always contact your interior designer to help you with ideas to fill up the empty space or check out ideas online. Suggestions for creativity never die. Hence, you need not worry about finding the perfect fit as there are plenty of ways to go about it and find the best option out of the lot.

Use Paint Textures as Unique Space-saving Ideas 

The colour texture of a bathroom's interior has striking psychological effects. Without using overwhelming decorative features, you can maintain minimalistic shades of paint that accentuate the beauty of bathrooms. While light colours brighten dark corners and make space appear bigger, applying neutral colours is a subtle way of cropping bathroom walls. Consider the use of rich pastel colours to design a theme for your bathroom, as these are known to best complement a subtle touch of design. During bathroom renovations, design experts might switch from modern to vintage decor ideas. A simple blend of neutral colours (like taupe or cream) and dark blue marble wall tiles is often impressive. It is up to you to decide if you want to stick to the modern theme or have a vintage revamp to your bathroom. Vintage ideas have now become the trendsetter in the market. Many prefer this theme over the modern one due to its meticulous attention to detail. Discuss these possibilities with your designer to find out the best possible options and to know what would suit your bathroom and taste the best.

Mirrors Are Great Decorative Features

Do you want to make an illusion of a spacious bathroom with either a framed or frameless mirror? Depending on your personality, one of the right bathroom fixtures that beautify any space is a large mirror. The trick is to get a focal point in the bathroom where your towel railing or washbasin is installed beside a large mirror with well-bevelled edges. Large mirrors often bounce natural or recessed lighting rays that fall on them, and they create visual enhancements accordingly.

Install Scones and Skylights 

Some modern bathrooms have stylish chandeliers, but tubular skylights and scones have dynamic effects. Usually, recessed lighting in bathrooms is more reliable than natural light. When your bathroom's ceilings have a lofty design, lighting fixtures can make the space beautiful and functional. However, LED bulbs are better than traditional fluorescent bulbs because the latter don't conserve energy. 

In addition to the above, underfloor heating systems can be installed to prevent the growth of moulds and mildew that contaminate air quality. All these fixes and makeover ensures that the property is of great worth during potential future property sales, be it online or traditional, the work you undertake in your bathroom can be a rewarding investment.